‘Frost Plant Finder’, is an in house and bespoke computer software package that will help our customers source the right plant from thousands of different possibilities.  The ‘Frost Plant Finder’ program sources the specific plant from not only our own vast array of stock items, but also currently over 150 colleagues’ nurseries , and increasing daily, both in this country and across Europe.


The customer gains access to this program through the internet after having been allocated a specific password to enter the site.   They are then able to search thousands of available priced stock lines for their requirements.   We see this as a valuable tool for fellow nurserymen and Landscape contractors when completing quotations and also for other Cash & Carries, Plant Centres and Garden Centres, who will be able to check to see what is available when their customer enquires whether they can obtain a particular plant they do not carry as a general stock line.


As we have lorries on the continent and nationwide on a weekly basis our customers will be able to place orders for delivery on a short timescale instead of having to wait to bulk up a load to make the transport costs viable from their current suppliers.


This new program is currently being introduced to our existing customers, and will be available very shortly to new customers, to enable them to have easy access to this service via their own computer..


Please follow the link to take a look!

Frost Plant Finder website


We welcome new ideas from both our customers and our suppliers, so please feel free to contact us with your suggestions: info@dwfrost.com