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Ann Frost (company Secretary)

After leaving business college, Ann worked in a local firm of stock brokers, firstly as a junior in the stock transfer department working her way to the position of secretary to the senior partner. In 1977, Ann jointly formed D.W.Frost (Wholesale Nurseries) Ltd with her husband David, having previously assisted with the running of David Frost (Trees) Ltd, which included a garden centre, nursery and landscaping department. Knowing very little about plants, Ann had to learn very quickly and through 35 years running the office and working in the plant centre when required, Ann has gained considerable experience in the industry. Ann now oversees the running of the office and attends to all HR issues and other duties that fall outside the remit of the other staff.

Hobbies: Horse riding, Reading, Classical Music and playing the piano.

annfrost@dwfrost.comĀ  01949 21401

Chris Frost (Sales Manager)

Chris started working full time at D.W.Frost (Wholesale Nurseries) Ltd in 2004, working in the tree department for 5 months before moving on to the role of dispatch foreman. After 3 years in dispatch Chris started in the office as sales manager. Chris quotes customer plant enquiries by email, fax or over the phone and then organises the transport and the dispatching of the orders. Chris is also in charge of the purchasing of re-saleable stock. Chris often travels to suppliers in the UK and across Europe to collect plants for orders. Chris has qualifications in PA1 spraying and holds his forklift and category C and C+E Lorry licenses.

Hobbies: His dogs (Jack & Ben), Classic lorries, Truck racing, Young Farmers and Work!

chris@dwfrost.com 01949 21402