Organic Green Compost is an alternative to ordinary compost. It is composed of recycled green material such as plants, leaves and other natural matter. Deciding on what compost is right for you can be a tricky task, but we’ve outlined for you some of the benefits of going green:


  • Green compost contains plenty of nutrients, and it acts like a slow-release fertiliser for your plants.


  • Green compost is peat-free! It is excellent as a soil conditioner, whilst also being eco-friendly.


  • Green compost facilitates the movement of free nutrients through the soil.


  • Green compost acts as a weed suppressor when used as a mulch.


  • Our green compost complies with the regulations of the Association for Organic Recycling’s Approved Laboratory – for more information you can pick up a complete analysis report from our Plant Centre.


So now it’s planting season, we recommend using Organic Green Compost for all your plants and trees. It is available from our plant centre for £6.99, or two bags for £12. Let’s go green together.