At Frost’s we specialise in specimen trees & shrubs, although every now and then take on a different kind of order.¬†We recently delivered 5 tonnes of sedum in order to create a living roof for a client in Beeston, Nottingham. Sedum are succulent plants which require less water than normal plants, and as such can thrive on rooftops, where the falling rainwater will be sufficient for their survival.

The roof is comprised of several different species of sedum, giving the roof a mottled, multicoloured effect. But what are the benefits of having a Living Roof, other than looking fantastic? According to a Living Roof can have a multitude of benefits for individual properties as well as for the wider community.



  • They help to counteract climate change and improve air quality through the absorption of CO2 and other pollutants, particularly in urban areas
  • They enhance biodiversity; research shows that green roofs can provide habitats for rare invertebrates
  • Living roofs decrease the volume of water run-off in storms, which in turn reduces the risk of flash flooding. As climate change intensifies, solutions such as this will become increasingly important for the protection of communities
  • The quality of water harvested from a green roof, although diminished in volume, will be higher
  • A living roof can provide insulation in winter as well as a coolness in summer
  • Play the drums? Like to host parties? Living roofs are excellent for soundproofing a property
  • Green roofs improve the quality of life of residents by providing them with a higher percentage of green spaces. In urban areas, a lack of natural environment can affect holistic health & wellbeing
  • In some instances, living roofs provide the perfect solution for the lack of agricultural space in cities, by enabling people to grow crops on their roofs

If you are interested in landscaping a green roof for yourself or for a client, we may be able to help you. Call the Plant Centre today on 01949 20154 or email with any enquiries